A Week of Good News

Last week I wrote about employers doing dumb things.  This week we’re sharing only good news.

First, not all companies are bad.  Many do the right thing and we saw an example of that this week when Intel cut high-level management salaries instead of slashing its workforce.  The CEO is taking a 25% pay cut while other high-level execs are also taking large cuts.  Companies like Google and Microsoft (who remember held a private concert for their top 50 executives the evening before laying off thousands of people) should take notice.  Good leaders bear the brunt of tough times when they can.

Second, to the surprise of many, we learned that job postings are at five-month high with the US adding 517,000 more jobs in January.  Despite recession fears, unemployment also fell.  If you are confused as to how this could be when the headlines are filled with news of layoffs, you’re not alone.  However, big hiring jumps in the leisure, hospitality and healthcare sectors have more than offset the tech job losses we’ve seen.

Finally, here at the Firm we received some good news this week when a federal court judge denied the defendant’s motion for summary judgement in one of our age discrimination cases. A motion for summary judgment seeks to dismiss all or part of this case before trial.  The Court’s denial of the defendant’s motion in our case means our client will get to take her case before a jury!