Kate Sedey, Partner at Case + Sedey, LLC, is ready to step in as a neutral to help parties find fair, efficient, and creative ways to resolve their disputes.

Earning the respect of clients and opposing counsel alike, Kate has a built a reputation as a premier member of Chicago’s employment law community. Her innate ability to build rapport, establish trust, and consider competing perspectives sets her apart in her field. She understands what clients need from the mediation process as well as what lawyers face should efforts at negotiations fail.

In her mediation practice, Kate draws on the subject matter expertise she has established over nearly 15 years of practicing employment law, the soft skills she has gathered while negotiating on behalf of her clients, and the concrete facilitative tools she has gained in mediation training programs, including at Northwestern University.

Kate charges $375 per hour with a four-hour minimum commitment for mediations. For availability and further information, please call our offices at 312-920-0400.