For those bored at home and needing a little “light” reading, the EEOC has issued Covid-19 guidance for employees and has also updated its 2009 Pandemic in the Workplace Guidance (who knew there was such guidance?)  These two pieces basically explain how the EEOC anticipates the Americans with Disabilities Act applying to Covid-19 situations in the workplace and answers some questions pertaining to specific situations that may arise.

While not binding law, the EEOC’s guidance shows how the agency would apply the laws it enforces to coronavirus situations and this guidance is also a strong indication as to how courts might as well.

As unemployment reaches the highest point in history more and more employees have questions related to their rights at work.  The options available to employees and the benefits for those laid off or furloughed seem to be changing by the day.  If you have any questions, we are here to help.