I love reading books and listening to podcasts about workplace happiness.  I am fascinated by the microcosms that are our offices and what makes people happy or unhappy in them.  In our business, we see a lot of what makes people unhappy.  Oftentimes the issues our clients come to us with are blatant (discrimination, retaliation, etc) but, other times, we see clients with just a general sense of malaise or unhappiness at work.  But given that we spend at least 1/3 of our life at our jobs, workplace happiness is important.

I recently listened a podcast interview with Olympian and author, Bonnie St. John, who has written a book called “Micro-Resilience.” In the book, St. John outlines  little changes people can make at work to improve productivity, efficiency and, most importantly, happiness.  The podcast interview is full of fascinating research regarding topics such as decision fatigue (terrifying if you’re up for a parol hearing in late afternoon) and the difference in accuracy in the afternoon versus the morning.  The tools she highlighted got me thinking about how to better structure my day around tasks that require different types of thinking and things to do to be, well, happier at work.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think.