Show Your Support for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act!

I just wanted to drop a quick line to say how excited we are that ENDA has been passed out of committee by an overwhelming majority (15 to 7, including at least two Republican supporters).  ENDA is short-hand for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which aims to make discrimination on the basis of LGBT status unlawful.

Now comes the hard work in getting it 1) passed in the Senate, and 2) even more daunting, passed in the House.  There is word of bipartisan support in the Senate that would be enough to oppose a filibuster.  The House, as usual these days, is another story.  Either way, please do what you can to lend your support to this incredibly important (and incredibly delayed) piece of legislation.  Call, write, visit your legislators and let them know how important it is for this country to make it clear that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation will not be tolerated.