Employment Law Optimism

We are back with our second installment of “Monday Morning Good Things for Employees!” Admittedly, last week started off a rough, but things seemed to get better/calmer as the week came to an end. While we have no clue how long this seemingly peaceful time will last, here are some Good Things for employees to focus on:


  • In continuing to assist refugees and immigrants during these trying times, Starbucks has partnered with Ernst & Young to provide its employees and their families with free legal advice to “help [them] navigate immigration issues and get answers in these uncertain times.”



  • Senator Kristen Gillibrand, along with 27 other senators, including Senator Duckworth, reintroduced a bill that will provide mothers and fathers with paid family and medical leave. This program would cost as much as a cup of coffee, per week! Yes, you read that right.



  • In the same vein, Facebook announced that in addition to the four months of paid time off that it already offers to both moms and dads, the company will now provide its employees with:
    • Six weeks of paid time off to care for ailing family members;
    • Three extra days of paid time off to care for family members with a short-term illness (i.e. sick kids); and
    • Twenty days of paid bereavement leave (the old policy only allowed for 10 days).



  • Yesterday, Nike put out an ad focusing on the importance of equality and equal opportunity.


There you have it. Again, if you have any Good Things you would like to see added to next week’s list please comment or email us directly!