We know that these are scary times for employees.  There seems to be uncertainty surrounding every aspect of the employment relationship right now – for folks who have lost their jobs or been placed on furloughs but also for those who have no choice but to keep going to work despite the risk of illness or the lack of childcare at home.

We have been doing our best to provide answers and guidance to some of the most common questions we are hearing from clients, friends and family via our blog.  But we thought it might be helpful to share all of that guidance in one centralized place, and to include links to some helpful resources we have come across for employees as they confront the challenges ahead.

COVID-19 Questions and Answers

For a general overview of frequently asked employment questions related to COVID-19, check out our recent blog post here:

If you are a healthcare worker looking for some answers on what your rights are during this crisis, check out this link:

For answers to some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 from the Illinois Department of Labor:

Workplace Safety and Health Concerns

Here is a link to the Centers for Disease Control personal safety guidelines for COVID-19:

If you are considered an essential employee and have to go to your place of employment right now, here is some helpful information on workplace safety and COVID-19  from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration:

COVID-19 Related Medical Leave and Accommodations

Here’s an explanation of how the Families First Coronavirus Response Act helps employees in need of COVID-19 related leave:

For information and guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor regarding paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act:

For information about COVID-19 related leave under the Cook County Earned Sick Leave ordinance:

For information from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about COVID-19 related medical accommodations and how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to this crisis, check out these links:

Unemployment Compensation

If you are looking for some answers on whether or not you qualify for unemployment check out our blog post here:

For information on how to apply for unemployment benefits in Illinois from the Illinois Department of Employment Security:

Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act/CARES Act

Here is a guide the CARES Act and ways it helps both individuals and businesses dealing with the economic impact of COVID-19:

Good News

And finally, a little good news!  We’ve been trying to stay positive in the midst of this chaos and are periodically posting content to our blog to help you do the same.  Check it out below:

Information about companies helping out in the midst of the crisis both locally and nationally is available here:

For recommendations on how to help yourself (financially, professionally, emotionally) and how to help others during this unprecedented time, check out this post: